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Six Steps to Your Schools Success 
There are a number of different paths you can take with all of them leading to the same place. Mindfulness.
Mindfulness Foundations
Mindfulness Foundations is an educator-centered approach to bring mindfulness to K-12 contexts. In this course, we provide a grounding in the neuroscience of mindfulness and share simple yet powerful practices and strategies to bring mindfulness into daily life––to manage stress, build resilience, and bring your full presence to interactions with students.

Mindfulness in the Classroom
Mindfulness in the Classroom is a comprehensive training that builds on the Mindfulness Foundations ––the long-standing gold standard in mindfulness in education––which teaches students foundational skills in building attention, focus, and self-regulation.
School Implementation
School Implementation Clinic, educators build and expand on the skills from the previous courses. Bring mindfulness practices beyond the walls of your classroom and learn how to support your school in building a whole-school mindfulness program to create a culture of greater awareness, resilience, and kindness.
Mindful Communication 
Whether we are speaking, listening, texting, emailing, or just plain thinking, most of us spend our days communicating. Language is one of our primary ways of connecting with others and understanding our lives. Communication habits run deep, yet patiently bringing attention to specific aspects of our words and thinking can have profound and far-reaching impacts.
Readiness & Implementation 
Assess their readiness for mindfulness programming, determine an appropriate level of implementation, set goals, and track progress.
Implement mindfulness into their school systems, structures and routines with respect for the community’s culture and strengths
Develop leadership, communication, and facilitation skills.
Collaborative implementation
Navigate complex conversations and influence systems change
Implement mindful decision-making at the school level, creating sustainable, equitable, and thriving learning environments.
Measure and adjust as needed throughout the school year.
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Lourdes Sanchez, Owner/CYO
My goal is for all children to learn in “mindful schools” that nurture a new generation of leaders to create a more equitable and thriving world. Everyday my team & I are more excited about the community we serve.  Since the beginning  we have focused on our community Youth and have worked with other organizations such as Inner City Innovators, Youth Empowerment, Connection Coalition & The Literacy Coalition of Palm Beach County.  Our mission has been  to bring Mindfulness, Meditation & Yoga to schools to replace Detention. We are obsessed with making Mindfulness, Meditation & Yoga accessible in communities that would most benefit of the tools & techniques for coping & thriving especially now.  COVID has revealed the need for more resources & outlets for not just students but teachers  and administrators.  We look forward to continue our work, with schools K-12, Administrators, Teachers, Parents & our Community overall.

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